Bleach Correction

Bleach Correction macro for ImageJ



J. Rietdorf EMBL Heidelberg


2004/12/20: first version
2005/04/05: Bleach correction can be carried out with the total image intensity (no ROI drawn) normalizing to the average intensity of the whole image or with a ROI to normalize to the average intensity of this ROI.




Download corr_bleach050405.txt (e.g. click with right mouse button and select ‘save target link as’) to the plugins folder and install it:

    ImageJ Menu -> Plugins -> Macros -> Install -> choose the downloaded macro

You can run the bleaching correction by

    ImageJ Menu -> Plugins -> Macros -> correct bleach


The bleach correction macro for ImageJ corrects for bleaching or intensity fluctuations by normalizing the images of a stack to the same mean intensity.

This method only works well if the mean intensity is not altered substantially (e.g. if a bright structure moves out of the imaging field). A ROI can be defined to select a suitable region as reference.

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