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Definitions & Literature


Some concepts are basic to understand and perform calcium quantification. Though they are quoted in the text, they are also listed here.

- Calcium chelators.

- Dissociation constant (Kd).

- Loading indicators.

- Microscope set-up (confocal vs. fluorescence).

- Macros.

- Non-ratiometric methods.

- Ratiometric methods.

Useful Web sites with Protocols and Definitions

- Molecular expressions Molecular Prime. It is a wide treatise on microscopy.

- Universidad de Oviedo Tutorials. Basic concepts on Confocal Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and other techniques (Spanish).

- LabVelocity. Basic protocols and a utility to search material, products. etc.

- Molecular Probes. Website of one of the most important providers of fluorescence-based detection products. It has utilities (like kd calculator) and protocols.

Other laboratories

- Roger Y. Tsien's laboratory


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