Fluorescent Dyes:
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Protocols & Examples

Fluorescent Dyes - Examples

We have used the protocols described in this teaching module in different experiments. Some of these examples are available on-line to illustrate them.

Fluo-4 AM:

- Effect of ionomycin in HeLa cells:

      · A reference experiment.

      · Incomplete loading/de-esterification example.

- Effect of serum in HeLa cells deprived of serum for 4h.

- Performing a calibration.

Indo-1 AM (example of a ratiometric indicator):

      · A reference experiment (ionomycin)

EAMNet Course on Calcium Imaging for Cell Biologists (6-8 Oct. 2004, Barcelona):

Practical Workshops presentation (done by course participants)

Analysis of calcium experiments

- General tips

- Tips on Excel macros



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