Location & dates Porquerolles, France 15 - 22 Oct 2016
Deadlines Application closed

Impressions from the last course in 2015

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Testimonials from previous course participants:

"This was the best of several courses that I have attended. It was a terrific blend of practical skills, useful software, and underlying theory, accessible to biologists and physicists alike. Moreover I felt an affinity in the approach that is needed in cell biology but not generally available."

"Very nice and complementary courses! I'd like to thank the teaching PIs for their time and all their input, as well as the organizers, this was by far the most useful workshop I attended so far!"

"The course got the mix of work/teaching and social/local interests perfect. I never felt over-stretched or tired of work whilst also feeling like not much more could have been squeezed into the schedule."