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Methods and tools in recruitment: optimising the matching of the right person to the right job
Ivonne Marschall, Progressive Recruitment
Gaëtan Witz, SThree

A common challenge for recruiters and for managers is finding the right applicants efficiently whilst not being overwhelmed with wrong applicants. One of the most difficult challenges to overcome is to trust each other, communicate clear, define a clear workflow to get to the goals without getting annoyed and lose track. Trust is key on all sides, whether manager, recruiter or candidate.

Potential solutions in common to both groups include:

1) describing the job optimally (including the use of clear competency descriptors),

2) selecting the right search methods

3) selecting and fine-tuning communication

4) mutual understanding of what is needed on both sides to be able to work efficiently together

5) How to build mutual trust and how to work with it

This webinar will describe HOW and WHY it is important to trust each other by working together for the same goal: finding the right staff and building a long-term relationship of success

View the recorded webinar here>>


Ivonne Marschall, a humanist speaking 9 languages, who discovered her passion for bringing people together and helping them by making their life easier. In her capacity as a Principal Recruitment Consultant at Progressive Recruitment (SThree GmbH) for the last 2.5 years she is in charge of connecting her customers with the personal service providers they need. Both parties rely on her to tailor strategical solutions for them. She will share her experiences on creating the best possible solutions built on mutual trust and commitment in a highly dynamic and changing environment by characterising typical pitfalls and showing possible approaches for the involved.


Gaetan Witz, a certified Business Coach and Change Manager with vast experience in Sales and Business Development now embodying the Learning Partner for SThree GmbH in Europe is constantly working on enhancing the sales consultants in all areas needed, such as building trust, communication, gaining understanding for specific needs and being able to provide solutions. His capability of listening, analysing and picturing fitting trainings in sales and intercultural communication especially within a company and between companies is key for success.” > BE THE ONE YOU ARE, NOT MORE AND NOT LESS, BUT THE ONE BE.