Location & dates Online 18 May 2018


How to develop a competent and innovative health & bioscience workforce in Europe? - Best practices from EIT Health CAMPUS
Dr. Ursula Mühle, Director of Education, EIT Health

Having the right skills all life long is becoming more and more crucial for bringing along Innovations in the European Health systems. Constantly changing technologies, different legal environments around Europe and different business cultures require health professionals, entrepreneurs and citizens to constantly learn how to initiate innovation in Health and Health care. Ursula Mühle, Director of Education, EIT Health will present what programmes EIT Health, one of the largest Healthcare Initiatives worldwide, is developing to equip the current workforce, as well as students and entrepreneurs to deal with these challenges and how cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration help to develop solutions of the future to enable the European citizens to live a longer and healthier live.

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