Location & dates Online 8 - 18 May 2019


Why it is not a failure to leave academia – and how to prepare for the transition

Philipp Kruger, Postdoctoral Researcher and Career Outreach Fellow at the Careers Service, University of Oxford

Philipp has recently finished his PhD in Immunology at the University of Oxford. He is now working as a Postdoc and part-time at the University’s Careers Service where his role is to improve the career support for PhD students and research staff.

Philipp did his undergraduate degree in Molecular Medicine in Tübingen, Germany and then moved on to do MSc & PhD at Oxford. During this time, he got involved in many activities outside the lab that helped him develop transferable skills and learn about different career paths. In his editorial Why it is not a failure to leave academia, he has advocated his belief that a PhD should be redefined as a traineeship in scientific thinking that can be applied to a broad range of careers.

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