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Student Presentations

On the final afternoon of the course (Friday 5th December) we have a two-hour session of presentations from the course attendees (i.e. you!). The presentations will show your own analyses of the modular architecture of your protein(s) of interest. There will be several opportunities during the course for you to prepare slides showing the results of your analysis of your own sequences using the tools you have become acquainted with during the course for these presentations. Several trainers will be available during these times to give you help in your analyses.

There is not enough time for all attendees to present - therefore we will ask you to form groups of 2, each group will have 10 minutes to present their story and analysis to the class.

We assume that not all of you will have a specific sequence/set of sequences you are interested in working with - therefore, ideally, each group will have one member who wants to present their story.

Hoepfully, during the first day, you'll be able to form up into appropriate groups. If there are still problems finding people to work with, we will organise groups in the session on the first evening where you have the opportunity to begin analysing your own sequences.

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