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Conference: Computational Approaches as Driving Force for Discovery in Life Science

Thursday May 31st - Saturday June 2nd 2007

Masaryk University and the Mendel Center in Brno, Czech Republic

Conference of the Gregor Mendel Network Brno-Vienna More like a workshop on comparative genomics, sequence analysis, stuff like that.

Meeting Homepage

Aidan is going.

Conference: The Evolution of the Animals: a Linnean Tercentenary Celebration

Monday 18th - Tuesday 19th June 2007

Royal Society, London, UK

Discussion meeting of the Royal Society

Meeting Homepage

Aidan's going.

Conference: FEBS Workshop - The Biology of Modular Protein Domains

September 8th - September 13th 2007

Seefeld, Tirol, Austria

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Conference: Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop

September 10th - September 12th 2007

University of Ghent, Belgium

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Conference: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2007

Wednesday September 26th-Friday September 28th 2007

Potsdam, Germany (just outside Berlin)

Annual meeting of German bioinformatics society. Quite small, but I was at the one in Hamburg several years ago, and it was a great chance to meet up with people.

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Conference: Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting

June Thursday 5th-Monday 8th 2008


Palau de Congressos de Barcelona Montjuīc Area – Fira de Barcelona Maria Cristina Avenue E-08014 Barcelona, Spain

Jose Castresana (formaly of Toby's group) is one of the committee members, Aidan plans to attend this meeting.

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Conference: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2008

Tuesday September 9th-Friday September 12th 2008

Dresden, Germany

TU Dresden

Annual meeting of German bioinformatics society. Aidan thinks of going.

Conference:European Conference on Computational Biology ECCB08

Monday September 22nd-Friday September 26th

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Meeting Homepage

Meeting Homepage

Conference: European Society for Evolutionary Biology Bi-anual Congress

20th-25th August 2009

Torino, Italy

Meeting Website

This is really just a test page to see if I can get the RSS syndication working. But ideally this will be a list of conferences and will be available as an RSS feed so that people (outside EMBL maybe) can find out what conferences are on in this area.

Conference GetIdea?

Just chekcing if this has been updated etc...

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