The Metabolomics Core Facility provides services for analysis of metabolites and lipids.

The facility is equipped with a high-resolution mass spectrometry system (HRMS) coupled with liquid chromatography (UHPLC) and direct infusion (NanoMate) for separation and detection of various classes of small molecules, metabolites and lipids.

Major projects and developments

  • Identification and detection of various classes of small molecules, metabolites, and lipids in mammalian and microbial cells
  • EMBL-MCF mass spectral library from over 700 metabolites
  • Lipidomic profiling platform for comprehensive analysis of lipid species
  • Quantification of polar and nonpolar metabolites with a quality control system
  • Analysis of drugs and related metabolites

Instrumentation and software

The facility is equipped with high-resolution mass spectrometry coupled with a chromatographic system (LC-MS) for the separation and detection of several classes of metabolites and lipids.

Services provided

We provide services for mass spectrometry-based analysis of small molecules, metabolites and lipids. We perform targeted and untargeted detection and quantification of various classes of molecules ranging from small metabolites to lipids in a variety of biological matrices.

Contact us for more information

This website offers guidelines for sample submission to the MCF and provides practical information on sample preparation and submission. Should this not give you the information you are looking for, MCF staff are always available to answer your questions and advise on sample preparation.