Please contact the MCF staff before submission of samples and make sure you follow the instructions and correct protocols mentioned in Sample Preparation. Please label samples properly and include a sample information sheet along with the samples.  

Samples can be submitted as:

  • Dried extracts obtained using speedvac / under nitrogen (preferred at cool conditions or room temperature)
  • Aqueous methanolic extracts
  • For outstations: please ship samples in sufficient dry ice.

PPMS booking system

Service requests through the PPMS system:

  • Use your EMBL credentials if you already have an account with the EMBL PPMS system, otherwise send us a request to create such an account
  • For each new project, submit a PPMS project request form
  • For each sample submission, submit a PPMS service order

Sample shipment

  • For outstations: please ship samples in sufficient dry ice.
  • Please do not ship samples just before or over weekends or holidays.
  • Include all details about samples on separate sheets and make sure labels on sample tubes are permanent and readable.

Shipping Address

Attn: Prasad Phapale
Lab 428 (SCB)
Metabolomics Core Facility
EMBL Heidelberg, Meyerhofstraße 1,
69117 Heidelberg, Germany
Phone: +49 622 138 787 05