October 2018 Press Release EMBL
Ageing is visible in the way cells use glucose. A collaboration between clinicians, experimentalists and computational scientists in the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU) unveil the molecular mechanisms of ageing in human stem cells.


December 2017 Press Release
Jan Siemens receives an ERC Consolidator Grant for his outstanding research on Temperature Detection and Thermoregulation
Press release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)

November 2017 Press Release
Rohini Kuner receives the HMLS Investigator Award 2017 for her ongoing efforts to consolidate innovative interdisciplinary research and for her active support and encouragement of young researchers.
Press release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)

October 2017
Sir Hans Krebs Preis and PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2017 awarded to Jan Siemens. For the 21st time, the PHOENIX group honors excellent work in the field of pharmacological Research and Development.
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Press release Phoenixgruppe (in German)

June 2017 Press Release
MMPU researcher Martina Muckenthaler describes how iron overload also affects the lung.
Press release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)


December 2016 Press Release
Matthias Hentze receives the 2016 HMLS award for his significant contributions to the development of Heidelberg as a research location and for his outstanding research on the control of gene regulation.
Press release Heidelberg University

August 2016 News Article
„We need this kind of research“. German Federal Minister of Health visits EMBL and is impressed by MMPU research.
News article in Mannheimer Morgen as pdf (in German)

August 2016 Press Release
MMPU Wissenschaftler beschreiben in Science, wie das Gehirn einer Überhitzung bei Fieber entgegenwirkt.
In Science MMPU researchers describe how the brain prevents overheating when body temperature is increased.
News article in Spektrum.de (in German).
Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German).
Press Release HUH as pdf (in German).
Deutschlandfunk Radio interview (in German).
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July 2016 Press Release
Study provides insights into workings of new HIV drugs and how virus becomes resistant
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Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)

June 2016
EMBL Partnership Conference on Perspectives in Translational Medicine took place in the context of the EMBL Partnership Programme and brought together EMBL and its local and remote partner institutes operating in the field of molecular medicine.
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October 2015 Press Release
Bridging the gap between basic research in molecular biology and medicine.
Eine Brücke schlagen zwischen Grundlagenforschung und Medizin.
Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)

July 2015 EMBL News
Union makes success.
With the goal of joining forces to further scientific and medical research, EMBL and the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg have renewed the successful Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU) agreement until 2025.
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February 2015 Press Release
How to calm down pain hypersensitivity
Heidelberg scientists find peripheral GABA to counteract TRPV1 sensitization
Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital (in German)
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February 2015 EMBL Press Release
The battle for iron.
The search for therapies against this anaemia of chronic disease (ACD) could take on new directions thanks to a study published in Blood.
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Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital

February 2015 EMBL NEWS etc. science
Beyond sequencing
Human geneticists and cell biologists have gone beyond vague links between genes and disease to pinpoint cause and effect, in a study they see as both a poster-child for cross-discipline collaboration and a call for caution.


November 2014 EMBL Press Release
Scientists from the MMPU group HIV-1 formation and its inhibition have obtained the first structure of the immature form of HIV at a high enough resolution to pinpoint exactly where each building block sits in the virus. The study, published online in Nature, reveals that the building blocks of the immature form of HIV are arranged in a surprising way.
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Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital

August 2014
Unpacking iron overload:
A rare form of an iron overload disorder kills pancreatic function, MMPU scientists find.
Press Release Heidelberg University Hospital


December 2013, EMBL&cetera newsletter
MMPU on a mission
Many medical research-related questions were discussed at the 12th public MMPU Research Day in Heidelberg.

February 2013, EMBL&cetera newsletter
Top clinicians join as MMPU fellows
Three top-level clinician scientists have been awarded the first Heidelberg Research Center for Molecular Medicine (HRCMM) Career Development Fellowships (CDF).

February 2013 EMBL Press Release
Zeroing in on heart disease
Innovative strategy pinpoints genes underlying cardiovascular disease risk.
Studies screening the genome of hundreds of thousands of individuals have linked more than 100 regions in the genome to the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Researchers from EMBL and the University of Heidelberg are taking these results one step further by pinpointing the exact genes that could have a role in the onset of the disease. Their findings are published today in the Public Library of Science (PLoS) Genetics.
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg Pressemitteilung

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