Welcome to the Protein Expression and Purification Core Facility!

The Protein Expression and Purification Core Facility performs protein expression in E. coli and insect cells (baculovirus-mediated expression in Sf21 and Hi5 cells). For the protein purification we make use of a large variety of chromatographic techniques such as affinity chromatography, ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography and size exclusion chromatography. Furthermore, we also provide assistance with the biophysical characterization of proteins and their interactions with different types of molecules. More detailed information about our services and how to access the facility can be found in our guidelines. If you can´t find the information you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact the facility staff.

Contact information:

E-mail: pepcore@embl.de
Phone: 0049 6221 387-8448

Contact information for the individual staff members can be found here.