We had our first meeting with European protein expression facilities representatives in Halle (Saale) in Germany on 23 February 2011. The meeting provided an opportunity for almost 40 participants to discuss their ideas and tasks for such a network.

You can download the presentations of the meeting by clicking on the name of the presenter in the meeting programme below.

Meeting programme

9.00-9.25 Introduction to network of protein expression facilities
Hüseyin Besir
9.25-9.50  Focus: Bacterial expression (Screening, scale up)
Sabine Suppmann
9.50-10.15  Focus: Eukaryotic expression (multi-protein complexes, PTMs)
Joop van den Heuvel
10.15-10.30  Coffee break
10.30-10.55 Focus: Dealing with insoluble proteins, refolding, quality control
Mario Lebendiker
10.55-11.20 Focus: Automation of expression and purification
Ray Owens
11.20-11.45 Focus: Characterisation of proteins (ITC, MS, etc.)
Stephan Uebel
11.45-12.10 Introduction to network tasks and discussion in working groups
Joop van den Heuvel
Working groups
13.30-15.00 Working groups discussions and preparation of summary presentations
15.00-15.20  Coffee break
15.20-15.30 WG1 (information exchange within network members) presentation
5.30-15.40  WG2 (establishing standards in protein research) presentation
15.40-15.50 WG3 (access to technology for external users) presentation
15.50-16.00  WG4 (providing training & information to user community) presentation
16.00-16.10 WG5 (mode of operation and funding) presentation
16.10-17.30 Summary and discussion