Protein expression in mammalian cells

Mammalian cells are generally capable of producing larger amounts of properly folded secreted proteins with usually correct glycosylation pattern for mammalian or other eukaryotic proteins.

For an overview and more detailed comparison of different expression systems, you can find more information here:

Protein Expression Systems
Comparison of Expression Systems

In case of cytoplasmic proteins or multi-protein complexes, mammlian cells show usually lower expression levels than insect cells which are also capable of secreting proteins if a native-like glycosylation pattern is not essential for the functionality of the target protein or the planned down-stream application.

Therefore, we recommend a careful assessment of the target proteins and required amounts before performing the expression in mammalian cells, in order to avoid higher costs due to lower yields per volume of the cell culture.

Available mammalian cell lines:

  • HEK293T (ATCC, CRL-11268), adherent
  • HEK293 EBNA cells, suspension-adapted (from the lab of David Hacker, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Currently, our services do not include mammalian cell expression.

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