Evolution Module

In this module we will explore the grand topic of evolution from various angles, in a symposium format.

We have invited the evolution devotees among EMBL faculty to introduce some basic concept of evolution and to give a lecture about their favourite evolutionary topic. To broaden the coverage of evolutionary topics, we have also invited some renowned external speakers. This way, we are able to teach and discuss various topics including:

  • Darwin and the theory of evolution
  • Organismal evolution: The history of life from the very beginnings to animals and plants
  • Molecular evolution on gene and protein level
  • The evolution of gene regulatory networks

In addition, we have arranged two bioinformatics practicals to teach you on the most relevant computational tools for molecular evolution.

Each of the speakers will provide us with two key references that open up an exciting and currently debated evolutionary topic relating to their field. You will be asked to team up and choose one of these topics for a 20 minutes presentation on our Evolution Journal club on Thursday, 6 November.