This page contains answers to frequently asked questions and are intended to help students who begin their studies at EMBL.

About the Predoc Course
Before you arrive
Useful information about EMBL

About the Predoc Course

When does the course start?
Currently the predoc course runs from mid October to mid December at EMBL Heidelberg.

Before you arrive

When will I have to arrive in Heidelberg?
Ideally a day before the predoc course starts.

Should I bring anything special with me?
You will need a copy of your Diploma, Masters etc certificate. Preliminary ones are acceptable as well. Please bring originals or certified copies.
If you have a laptop, please bring it along as it can be useful on some of the lectures.

How do I get from the airport?
Please send your flight details to the Graduate Office (ideally a few days before the arrival) and we will arrange an airport shuttle to come and pick you up.
For all of you arriving at Frankfurt Main airport, please proceed to the meeting point in the arrivals hall. A driver from a shuttle service will be waiting for you there or directly at the exit if arriving at Karlsruhe Baden or Frankfurt Hahn airports.


Where will I be staying?
Outstation students are put up in shared accommodation at the EMBL Guesthouses (sometimes due to the guesthouse being full, in the ISG Hotel). You do not have to do anything; we will take care of the booking. Keys for the guesthouses can be picked up from the ISG Hotel reception, which most of you will remember from your stay during the interview week.

ISG Hotel
Im Eichwald 19
69126 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 6221 3861-0
Email: isg@embl.de
ISG Hotel Website

If you wish to share with somebody you can send your request to the Graduate Office and we will try and accommodate your wishes if possible. Otherwise the allocations are done randomly.

Students from Heidelberg who haven’t started their contract yet- if you require accommodation in the EMBL Guesthouse, please contact the guesthouse at your earliest convenience to book the accommodation: guesthouses@embl.de.

Who will be paying for accommodation?

All PhD students pay for their own accommodation. Only those Outstation students already renting an apartment at the Outstation will get the accommodation paid for during the predoc course. Please bring a copy of your rental agreement as proof.

Useful information about EMBL

Do we need to register anywhere when we start?
During the first day of the Predoc Course, members of the Human Resources Section will talk you through administrative issues.

Where can I get more information about the PhD Programme?
As for information about the PhD Programme, have a look at the information pages on the EMBL websites.
There also is a lot of internal information which is only available from within the EMBL sites and the guesthouse. You will find a lot of useful information which has been painstakingly compiled.


What are some good webpages for information about Heidelberg and Germany?
City of Heidelberg
Tourist information Office
Heidelberg Card
Heidelberg Events
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Local newspaper)
Map of Heidelberg

Official German Portal
Public holidays in Germany (in German)
How to Germany (Facts about Germany)

What's happening in town?
For those of you speaking German, you can get the Meier Stadtmagazin, where you will find useful information about what is happening in Heidelberg, Mannheim and the entire region.


Do we get student cards from EMBL?
You will automatically obtain an EMBL access / lunch card which serves as a student ID as well. If required, everybody can obtain a certificate confirming their PhD student status from the Graduate Office.

Is there anything in particular I need to know / do?
Please have your photo taken by the Photolab whilst you are in Heidelberg for the Predoc Course, so we can have you listed on our "Who's Who" pages.

How do I get my travel costs reimbursed?
Please hand in all receipts to the Graduate Office, they will take care of it.