The predoc course consists of eight modules. It starts with a Basic Teaching module that introduces students of diverse backgrounds to fundamental principles that will be then covered in more detail in seven modules which span the major research activities of EMBL: Cell Biology, DNA & RNA Biology, Proteomics and Structural BiologyDevelopmental Biology, Evolution, and Disease Mechanisms and Pathogens. Each module lasts for about a week and contains lectures and practicals. Lectures are taught in an interdisciplinary fashion by group leaders from several EMBL units and outstations and collectively involve close to every research group at EMBL.

Interspersed within and in between the modules, the course features Extra-scientific lectures, such as lectures on science and society, good scientific practice, science communication, and patenting. Students are engaged in discussions with and presentations to their colleagues, through practical presentations, a symposium organised by the previous year's predocs, visits to the outstations and a weekly Journal Club.

Each module is introduced by a talk that sets the stage and a conclusion that wraps it up. The teaching material for the lectures (.ppt slides etc.) will be collected and made available after each lecture.