Since the European Research Council (ERC) launched in 2007, many innovative and ambitious projects by EMBL scientists have been awarded financial support by the ERC. The ERC promotes frontier research by outstanding scientists and selects projects based solely on scientific excellence.
During their time at EMBL, the following scientists have been awarded funding across the three ERC core grant schemes: starting, consolidator and advanced grants.

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Inspired by the ERC’s tenth anniversary in 2017, we asked some of EMBL’s ERC grantees to look ahead another ten years and share their vision for their field of research.

Advanced Grants

Detlev Arendt

BrainEvoDevo | 2012 – 2017
A neuron type atlas of the annelid brain: development and evolution of chemosensory-motor circuits

Peer Bork

MicrobioS | 2016 – 2021
Exploring the human gut microbiome at strain resolution

Cancerbiome | 2011 – 2016
Characterisation of the cancer-associated microbiome

Stephen Cusack

vRNA | 2013 – 2018
Two facets of viral RNA: mechanistic studies of transcription and replication by influenza-like viral polymerases and detection by the innate immune system

Jan Ellenberg

COREMA | 2017 – 2021
Cell division and the origin of embryonic aneuploidy in preimplantation mouse development

Eileen Furlong

CisRegVar | 2013 – 2018
Cis-regulatory variation: Using natural genetic variation to dissect cis-regulatory control of embryonic development

Cornelius Gross

COREFEAR | 2014 – 2019
Functional wiring of the core neural network of innate fear

Matthias Hentze

REM Networks | 2012 – 2017
Exploring the interface between cell metabolism and gene regulation: from mRNA interactomes to ‘REM Networks’

Takashi Hiiragi

SelforganisingEmbryo | 2017 – 2022
Self-organisation across the scales in early mammalian development

Christoph Müller

POL1PIC | 2014 – 2019
Dynamic architecture of the RNA polymerase I transcription initiation machinery

Lars Steinmetz

COMPLEX_TRAITS | 2012 – 2017
High-throughput dissection of the genetics underlying complex traits

SystGeneEdit | 2017 – 2022
Dissecting quantitative traits and their underlying genetic interactions via systematic genome editing

Consolidator Grants

Martin Beck

ComplexAssembly | 2018 – 2023
The birth of protein complexes

John Briggs

MembraneFusion | 2015 – 2020
Structure and mechanism of viral and cellular membrane fusion machineries

Christian Häring

CondStruct | 2016 – 2021
Structural basis for the coordination of chromosome architecture by condensin complexes

Edward Lemke

SMPFv2.0 | 2015 – 2020
Next generation single molecule protein fluorescence

Jonas Ries

CellStructure | 2017 – 2022
Structural cell biology in situ using superresolution microscopy

Sarah Teichmann

ThDEFINE | 2016 – 2020
Re(defining) CD4+ T cell identities one cell at a time

Starting Grants

Alexander Aulehla

Oscillations | 2015 – 2020
Oscillatory signaling dynamics – a quantitative approach to reveal their origin and function in development

Martin Beck

NPC Atlas | 2013 – 2018
Atlas of cell-type specific nuclear pore complex structures

Pedro Beltrao

PhosFunc | 2015 – 2020
Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation

Markus Heisler

MHDVPatterning | 2011 – 2015
The establishment and function of dorsiventral boundaries in plant organs

Maja Köhn

PP1tools | 2014 – 2018
Development of chemical biology tools for the elucidation of protein phosphatase-1 substrates and druggability

Jan Korbel

ChromothriPSiS | 2014 – 2019
Dissecting the molecular mechanism of catastrophic DNA rearrangement in cancer

Julia Mahamid

3DCellPhase | 2018 – 2023
In situ structural analysis of molecular crowding and phase separation

Dónal O'Carroll

ncRNA | 2013 – 2017
Non-coding RNA pathways and the mammalian male germline

Francesca Peri

FPMicroglia | 2010 – 2014
Towards a dynamic quantitative understanding of neuronal microglial interactions

Ramesh Pillai

pisilence | 2011 – 2016
Small RNA-guided complex machinery for epigenetic silencing

Christiane Schaffitzel

ComplexNMD | 2012 – 2017
NMD complexes: eukaryotic mRNA quality control

Rocio Sotillo

MadCIN | 2012 – 2017
Defining the impact of chromosome instability in tumour initiation, maintenance and relapse