The mission of the centre (CBNA) is to disseminate expertise, know-how and guidance in the field of biological network integration and analysis throughout EMBL to computational biologists and experimentalists alike. For expert users, bioinformaticians spread across EMBL Research Units, it serves as a platform to share resources, exchange expertise, and learn about advances and new approaches in the computational analysis of networks. At the same time offering support to experimentalists with less computational expertise, who wish to pursue large-scale biology or to place small-scale mechanistic experiments in the context of existing networks.

Scientific support is focused on the systematic reconstruction and analysis of networks from a functional and topological perspective through the application of graph-theoretic approaches. Exploration of the structural behaviour of networks, characterisation of molecular functions, and differential analysis in the context of integrated experimental data on a global scale provide effective means for analysing complex systems with great potential for biomedical applications.

As an EMBL-wide platform with the aim to work for you and with you, we offer collaboration, consulting on research projects, and organization of seminars and courses.