Microfluidic approaches in drug discovery and personalised medicine

The Merten Group develops novel instrumentation for large-scale screens in biology and chemistry. Besides designing and manufacturing novel microfluidic chips for the cultivation of cells and multicellular organisms, we develop novel modules for the fusion, splitting and sorting of aqueous microdroplets. Furthermore, we focus on automation and the integration of different readout modules based on spectroscopy and imaging. We have access to a fully equipped clean room, use CAD and CFD software, develop novel LabVIEW programs and build new hardware (e.g. electronically controllable microvalves, microheaters/coolers, etc.). In general, the work in our group is highly interdisciplinary, including optics, engineering and programming. The overall goal is the development of cutting-edge technologies that might even have future commercial applications in industry (we are collaborating with several life science companies).

Merten Group

Selected publications

Efficient cell pairing in droplets using dual-color sorting. Hu, H,, Eustace, D. & Merten, C.A. 2015 Lab Chip 15(20):3989-3993. doi:10.1039/c5lc00686d

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(Research Highlight in Nature Methods 5(7): 580-581. 2008.)