• EMBL Heidelberg
  • University Hospital Heidelberg – Medical Faculty, Heidelberg

Key dates

  • 2002: Partnership established.
  • 2011: MMPU groups finalised relocation to the Otto Meyerhof Centre.


Currently, the MMPU has more than 100 internationally recruited members, divided into seven research groups whose research themes all address common disease entities, including the diseases of childhood and adolescence such as blood disorders and cancers and ‘adult disorders’ such as hemochromatosis, blood cancer and colorectal cancer.

Every MMPU group is co-staffed by EMBL and the Medical Faculty; the directorship is shared by Andreas Kulozik (University of Heidelberg), Matthias Hentze (EMBL Director) and Jan Korbel (EMBL). The MMPU brings together the expertise of both partners in a complementary manner to bridge the gap between basic and medical research.

The MMPU website can be viewed following either of these links:

EMBL, Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit

University Hospital Heidelberg, Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (currently under construction)