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Signing of the EMBL Australia partnership

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Key dates

  • 2010: Partner Network established with its hub situated at Monash University;
  • 2017: Garvan Institute of Medical Research, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and the Australian National University joining the Partner Network;
  • 2018: Renewal of the partnership agreement.


Research groups are distributed across Australia, but interlinked through the EMBL partnership model and aim to develop complementary expertise. The Scientific Programme builds on the strategic alliance with EMBL and its activities in systems biology, whilst capitalising on the specific strengths of Australian life and health sciences, such as:

  • regenerative medicine and stem cell biology
  • human genetics and disease
  • cancer and clinical research
  • chemical biology
  • plant biology.

EMBL, particularly through EMBL-EBI, also supports the establishment of Bioinformatics Resource Australia. Hosted at the University of Melbourne, this resource aims to provide help and user support covering the bioinformatics services needs of Australian researchers. In addition to enabling optimal exploitation of the tools and data of bioinformatics by Australian scientists and contributing to global bio-molecular information infrastructure showcasing Australian science, the Bioinformatics Resource will offer extensive user training.