Key dates

  • 2019: Partnership established.


EMBL and the Nencki Institute, recognising their complementary strengths in the field of neurobiology, decided to intensify links and build further synergies through the creation of a strong inter-institutional collaboration, BRAINCITY.

BRAINCITY, the Polish Centre of Excellence for Neural Plasticity and Brain Disorders, is an independent research unit embedded in the Nencki Institute.

The Partnership facilitates and institutionalises scientific exchange and support in areas of common interest, in particular in neural plasticity, brain disorders and related research, or further fields in which one partner has a recognised expertise that can be shared for the benefit of the other.

The key aims of BRAINCITY are to advance scientific understanding of the mechanisms of brain disease and thus identify critical target genes and molecules; to identify biomarkers of diseases, for better diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of disease; and to develop novel therapeutic approaches targeting abnormal genes and proteins, as well as neuronal network deficiencies.

Under the Partnership, EMBL provides active support, offering complementary knowledge in neuroscience; institutional expertise; expertise in internationally-competitive research culture, training, and management approaches; and technology transfer best practices.