Bing Ren

2018 | Large Operon, EMBL Heidelberg

Bing Ren | University of California (USA)

Host: Jan Korbel, Genome Biology Unit


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Research statement

The laboratory’s research is focused on understanding the fundamental mechanisms controlling gene expression in mammalian cells. In particular, the laboratory is investigating three related problems: 1) What are the transcriptional regulatory sequences that control cell-specific gene expression programs in the mammalian genomes? 2) How does the chromosome architecture influence the transcriptional regulation process? 3) How do non-coding sequence variants contribute human diseases? 4) How do epigenetic mechanisms (DNA methylation and chromatin modifications) influence the gene regulatory process? To achieve these goals, the laboratory is using an integrative approach that combines high throughput experimental methods and computational means to examine a variety of model systems, including human embryonic stem cells, cancer cells, laboratory mouse and fruit flies. Research accomplishments from the laboratory include development of high throughput method for mapping transcription factor binding sites in the human genome, comprehensive mapping of promoters, enhancers, and insulator elements in the human genome, and characterization of the epigenomic landscapes in pluripotent and lineage-committed human cells.