In addition to his research activities, Jan Ellenberg has been leading the implementation of Euro-BioImaging for EMBL, and in this regard he has scientifically coordinated this pan-European ESFRI research infrastructure project for biological and biomedical imaging technologies during its submission to the ESFRI roadmap and the Preparatory Phase-I (2007-2014) and –II (2015-2018). He represents EMBL in the Euro-BioImaging Interim Board. Jan is also the local coordinator of the EC “Combined Collaborative Project & Coordination & Support Action” for construction of new infrastructures “BioMedBridges” (2011-2015) and “CORBEL” (2015-2019), in which he coordinates the participation of Euro-BioImaging partners for biological imaging.

Euro-BioImaging acts as the European research infrastructure in the field of biological and biomedical imaging. The innovation-driven nature of Euro-BioImaging facilities strengthen Europe’s leading role in developing and implementing cutting-edge imaging technologies. Through Euro-BioImaging, the provision of high quality services by one legal entity and the establishment of standardised access models to biological and biomedical imaging technologies will foster national and European collaboration among research institutes, exchange of methods and expertise, and greatly accelerated access to emerging innovative imaging methods.

Euro-BioImaging secures state-of-the-art-technology transfer by training future professionals in R&D and by providing comprehensive, standardised training curricula to users of biological and biomedical imaging infrastructures. Furthermore, Euro-BioImaging provides top-level imaging services to other research infrastructures in biological and medical sciences, allowing them to deliver world-class research based on data standardisation, best practice and coordination of research activities. Given the broad range of imaging technologies coordinated through Euro-BioImaging, the research infrastructure facilitates the translation of basic results to medical applications, from bench to bedside. New opportunities for commercial exploitations of methods through European optical and medical device manufacturers will also be created. In this context Euro-BioImaging has created the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board with the leading vendors and producers of biological and biomedical imaging equipment in Europe.

For more information visit also EMBL’s Imaging Infrastructure Strategy Development.


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