The team for Imaging Infrastructure Strategy Development (IISD) is part of the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit at EMBL Heidelberg. It supports EMBL in its strategy development for and participation in national and European research infrastructures in the field of imaging technologies, such as Euro-BioImaging, Core for Life, BioMedBridges, GermanBioImaging etc. 

Euro-BioImaging is the European research infrastructure for imaging technologies in biological and medical sciences on the ESFRI Roadmap, which will provide open physical user access to a broad range of state-of-the-art imaging technologies in biological and medical imaging for life scientists in Europe and beyond.

EMBL coordinated the Preparatory Phase of Euro-BioImaging (2010-2014), which was successfully completed in May 2014. During the current Interim Phase, EMBL together with 13 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom) now works towards Euro-BioImaging implementation.