Joining the lab

Currently there are opportunities to join our research group as a postdoctoral researcher.

Applicants for post-doctoral positions

Experience with genetics, molecular biology and/or bioinformatics are required. Applicants wishing to integrate computational and experimental biology approaches are especially encouraged to apply. Current projects range in the dissection of the genetic basis of complex multifactorial phenotypes in budding yeast and other model organisms, to understanding the biology of synthetic genomes and how their transcriptional networks are rewired. We are also interested in integrating multiple layers of molecular data to study how genetic variation (e.g. natural variants) and environment (e.g. drugs) interact, with the goal of defining intervention points to modulate phenotypes of interest. The successful candidate is expected to take a strong lead on his/her project and start to develop independent ideas. For applications, please contact Lars Steinmetz by email and attach your CV and a brief motivation letter with your research interests.

Applicants for PhD positions or Master students

Students will have the opportunity to learn and help develop a variety of experimental and bioinformatic tools. For our research, we use diverse model systems, ranging from patient-derived cell lines to budding yeast. A theoretical background and / or interest in either functional genomics/genetics, transcription, disease models or bioinformatics is beneficial. Students are expected to be highly motivated to work on challenging research projects in an international team.

PhD applicants: Please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Master students: Please have a look at the pages for Visitors and Undergraduates and send your CV and a brief motivation letter to Lars Steinmetz directly.

For all questions please contact Lars Steinmetz by email.