Protein Function Analysis

switches.ELMThe switches.ELM resource curates experimentally validated motif-based molecular switches and predicts possible switching mechanisms that might regulate a user-submitted motif of interest.
CaMKipediaThe human CaM Kinase Encyclopedia
EpiCEpiC applies protein structure-function information to help identify target epitopes for antibody design
iELMExploring interactions of motifs
Phospho.ELMPhospho.ELM provides a linked database of experimentally verified phosphorylation sites in eukaryotic proteins.
The ELM ServerInvestigation of functional sites in protein sequences with the Eukaryotic Linear Motif database.

Structural Analysis

DisEMBLDisEMBL is a disorder predictor targetted at Structural Genomics Initiatives.
GlobPlotGlobPlot is a server for exploring disorder or globularity in protein sequences.