Information resources

Microscopy primer - all about microscopy, fluorescence etc.

Confocal Listserver - browse discussions on (confocal) microscopy subjects

German Bioimaging online training resources list

ELMI - The European Light Microscopy Initiative is a communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Open Access text book on BioImage Data Analysis.

Spectra of fluorescent dyes Spectraviewer including dyes and fluorescent proteins and FP database

Spectra of fluorophores, lightsources, filters and detectors (Semrock)

Fluorescence spectra viewer (Invitrogen)

Fluorescence spectra viewer (BD Biosciences)

2-Photon cross-sections (Cornell University)

Cell-staining simulation tool (Life Technologies)


ImageJ - Freeware image processing software based on Java (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Fiji - Image processing package based on ImageJ

Cellprofiler - Open source image analysis for large datasets

Cellcognition -  Open source image analysis for large datasets

FRAPAnalyser (A. Halavatyi, M. Yatskou, E. Friederich, University of Luxembourg)

BioImaging Initiatives

Euro-BioImaging - Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

German BioImaging - Biological Imaging Facilities in Germany

Bioimaging UK - an organic organization of UK scientists that develop, use, or administer imaging solutions for life sciences research

France Bioimaging - Biological Imaging Facilities in France

Italy BioImaging - Biological Imaging Facilities in Italy

Spanish BioImaging (REMOA) - Biological Imaging Facilities in Spain