7 April 2021

The ALMF and Leica Microsystems are organizing a small workshop demonstrating Leica’s new Stellaris Confocal Microscope Platform from 27 - 29 April 2021.

The event will consist of an overview presentation on the 27th of April and several workshops with focussed topics (please see below). Please register for one or more of the 60-90 min workshops.

The presentation will require no registration, but please feel free to sign-up not to miss any information!

Please contact Marko Lampe (ALMF / if you are interested in imaging your own samples (remotely) after the workshops.

6 April 2021 Online Seminar by Rapp Optoelectronic on Latest Applications in Fast and Precise Photomanipulation on 20 April 10:00.
30 March 2021

The ALMF team is happy to announce a new high-end Image processing workstation dedicated for CPU- and GPU-computing

Featuring 2 Intel Xeon 4215R (2x8 cores @3.2 GHz) an Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 (4608 cuda cores, 24 GB GDDR6 RAM) and 768 GB DDR4 RAM, our new workstation is perfectly equipped for computationally intensive tasks like Deconvolution and Multiview-Image registration (Huygens), 3D visualisation and analysis (Imaris) or Deep learning applications.

If you would like to use this workstation for your project and cannot work on any of the Silver or Gold VMs, please approach Marko or Lucas to get access (write to:

15 February 2021

A high-throughput microscope developed for live cell high-throughput screening is currently installed and available for testing in the ALMF.

The Nikon LIPSI Eclipse Ti2 is fully incubated, including humidity control and incubated storage for 20 plates which can be imaged automatically using the integrated plate loader.

A water pump allows image acquisition with water immersion objectives (up to 96 wells only).

For further details, please have a look at

In case you are interested in testing the microscope, please contact us.

15 January 2021

You are invited to the Blue Seminar "Straightforward multi-color nanoscopy with spectral demixing"  at 16:00 CET on Tuesday 19th of January! The microscope presented (Abbelight / Olympus eSafe360) is currently available for testing at the ALMF!
Speaker: Camille Clément   Abbelight SAS   Paris, France
Date:  Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Time:  16:00 CET
Title:   Straightforward multi-color nanoscopy with spectral demixing
Host:  ALMF / Marko Lampe

8 January 2021

After the success of NEUBIAS Academy in 2020, NEUBIAS is happy to start 2021 by hosting a webinar series about “Image Big Data”, starting on January 14th !
Over the course of 5 weeks, with one 90 minute webinar each week, our invited experts will introduce you and guide you through the advanced features of the tools and frameworks they develop, customize or use daily to handle “BIG DATA”!
You’ll be taken on a journey starting with an overview of different file formats and important pre-processing steps, continuing with registration and stitching and finally analysis workflows adapted to the unique challenges of BIG DATA. Then you’ll learn about the latest developments in visualization, annotation sharing in the cloud, before concluding with a showcase of REALLY BIG DATA.

1st webinar: January 14th 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time):
BIG DATA I: Visualization, File Formats & Processing in Fiji by Tobias Pietzsch, Nicolas Chiaruttini and Christian Tischer, Register now

You’ll find more information on
Please spread the word.
On behalf of the NEUBIAS Academy organization committee

15 December 2020

ALMF & CBA  are happy to announce courses in microscopy and image analysis in January - February 2021. Due to the current pandemic the courses will take place online:

  • Essentials in Widefield Microscopy (Essentials I)
    2 alternative dates:
    January 12  10:00-17:00
    January 21 10:00-17:00
  • Essentials in Confocal Microscopy (Essentials II)
    3 alternative dates:
    January 14-15 9:00-12:00
    January 28-29 9:00-12:00
    February 9-10 14:00-17:00
  • Basics of Bioimage Analysis
    2 alternative dates:
    January 25-26 and February 1-2; 14:00-17:00
    June 7-8 and June 14-15; 14:00-17:00
  • Advanced ImageJ: Batch processing & Macros
    February 22-24 14:00-17:00

Please check our events page for more details.

9 December 2020

New SMLM super-resolution microscope for evaluation in the ALMF: Abbelight Safe360 in colaboration with Olympus
Abbelight and Olympus brought their new super-resolution microscope to the ALMF for evaluation. The Safe360 based on an inverted Olympus microscope is a two colour, 3D single molecule localization microscope (dSTORM, PALM etc.) equipped with 4 laser (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm) for a wide-range of single molecule based applications. In the ALMF, this system is unique in its capability for simultaneously acquiring two channel super-resolution images in 3D using a so-called ratiometric approach. This minimizes chromatic aberration and drift errors for extremely precise co-localization measurements. The system is specified for a lateral resolution of 23nm and an axial resolution of >30nm. The system is also capable of single molecule tracking. If you are interested in testing the microscope or would like to know more, please contact the ALMF (

18 November 2020

ALMF Essentials in Microscopy I course goes online

ALMF is happy to announce that the Essential in Microscopy I (Essentials in Widefield-Microscopy) course will be available again. The course will be fully online and takes place on December 3rd from 1:00 PM- 6:00 PM (GMT+1)

The course is a beginner’s course covering the essential knowledge needed to conduct a widefield microscopy-based experiment and to generate reliable data.

The microscopy knowledge covered in the Essentials of Microscopy course I is mandatory for introductions into ALMF Widefield-microscopes. We strongly suggest taking this course, if you want to use ALMF Widefield-microscopes.

Please check the course page (…icroscopy-online/ ) for additional information and registration.

If you have any questions, please talk to us or send us an email (

09 November 2020

RNAi tutorial and siRNA design November 20 at 9:30 - 15:30 (16 participants)
The tutorial covers RNAi experiments and siRNA design with the main focus on experiments performed in mammalian cells.
More details will be sent by Wednesday November 18.


•          Overview of different RNAi reagents
•          General considerations for RNAi experiments
•          siRNA transfection methods
•          Rescue / complementation experiments
•          Comparison CRISPR /RNAi
•          Introduction to ENSEMBL database
•          Design of a specific siRNAs using publicly available software

Registration to this tutorial and other seminars is possible via BIO-IT portal: .

08 November 2020

ImagingONEWORLD now hosted on the website of the Royal Microscopy Society: From 9th November 2020, we will switch to the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS, ) Website to share the ImagingONEWORLD speakers’ schedule and information. Please, use the new link to subscribe to the lectures. An email with the zoom link will be sent in response automatically:

12 October 2020

We are happy to announce the Nikon A1R HD25 as new point scanning confocal microscope in the ALMF. It features a large field of view covering around 2x the area of other confocal microscopes, as well as a resonant scanner scanning with up to 30 frames per second. In combination with the 200 µm Z-Piezo large volumes can be scanned at high speeds. All common dyes can be imaged with the 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm lasers.

On the software side, the Nikon A1 includes the Nikon JOBs and General Analysis 3 module which allow for automation, high-throughput and also certain feedback microscopy experiments.

If you are interested in testing or using the system please contact Lucas or Faba (Beate).

1 October 2020

We welcome our new colleague: Manuel Gunkel worked on single molecule localization based super-resolution microscopy techniques in his PhD at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Uni HD and collected experience in high-throughput and high-content imaging, point-scanning and spinning-disc confocal microscopy as well as in feedback microscopy and in bioimage analysis during his time in the Advanced Biological Screening Facility at BioQuant, Uni HD. In the ALMF his main focus will be the support of our users for confocal imaging and the application and advancement of our feedback microscopy based imaging pipelines.

10 July 2020

Find (recorded) Webinars on super-resolution topics offered by Abbelight here.

03 July 2020

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is offering free virtual events in July: including the Optical Microscopy Course Webinar on July 14th, the AQLM Course Webinar on July 15th, the Physical Biology of the Cell Course Webinar on July 17th and several Cytoskeleton Club Webinars.

02 July 2020

Abberior Webinars: MINFLUX - superresolution post Nobel,Prof. Stefan W. Hell, July 7, 3:30 pm

Adaptive optics STED microscopy, Mary Grace Velasco (AI America) & Alex Egner (Uni Göttingen), >Live Expert Line Demo with adaptive optics, July 14, 3:30 pm CEST    

STED PAINT – STED microscopy with exchangeable fluorophores, Mike Heilemann (Uni Frankfurt), Live Expert Line Demo, July 21, 3:30 pm CEST

Live-cell STED microscopy,  Francesca Bottanelli (FU Berlin), Florian Grimm (Abberior), Live-cell Facility Line Demo, July 28, 3:30 pm CEST

30 June 2020

new Webinars from Picoquant from July 7 till August 25:

29 June 2020

Imaging ONE WORLD:
This is not just another virtual lecture series but a discussion forum on imaging and image analysis methods and how to apply these to your research. The focus will be on ‘how-to’ image and analyse, prepare samples, labels and protocols, as well as enabling collaborations and inspiring new scientific ideas. Speakers will be available for questions and answers. Organisers and the CRUK CI core facility staff will be able to continue the discussion and advice on your own imaging projects.

Please book a FREE ticket for our talks to receive your ZOOM credentials.

When: Mondays at 1 pm (unless advertised differently to accommodate existing schedules)

Duration: 30 minutes and 20 minutes Q&A

18 June 2020

We are excited to announce that we can offer microscope introductions again!

For this we have additional safety rules in place and will perform most of the introduction remotely. Essential parts which need to be explained in person at the microscope will be performed using FFP2 masks (maximum 30 min).

Please read the safety rules including the introduction rules carefully.

Please be aware that

  • on average these introductions will take longer and our capacity is limited.
    Therefore we suggest to coordinate the urgency and order of microscope introductions per group.
  • Since we want to offer introductions asap, we did not have the time to test and train this type of introduction on all setups for all possible cases. Please bear with us in case introductions are not as smooth as in non-restricted times.

Please contact us via email if you want to get introduced to one of our microscopes.

17 June 2020 Abberior first online summer symposium: MINFLUX – superresolution post Nobel.
In this webinar, we are delighted to welcome Nobel laureate Prof. Stefan W. Hell, who will introduce the MINFLUX concept and talk about the latest results from his lab. For the second part of the webinar, we'll switch to our Abberior Instruments MINFLUX microscope for the first broadcasted live demonstration of a light microscope imaging at 2 nm resolution. Join MINFLUX seminar on July 7:
02 June 2020

We are offering remote support for most of our microscope systems. Please contact us, best by email to or phone to get support. We will try our best to help you on demand if needed, but of course we can also schedule remote sessions.

27 May 2020

Fluigent webinar series, upcoming webinar on "Microfluidic concepts and challenges for the characterization and sorting of bioparticles" 28 May 2020.

27 May 2020

Hamamatsu Photonics webinar series starting on 26 May 2020.

13 May 2020

Continuation of the Imaris Homeschool Webinar Series.

04 May 2020

Working in the ALMF during COVID-19 pandemic.

During partial opening under COVID 19 pandemic make sure you follow our additional safety measures.

20 April 2020

Robert Haase (BIOTEC, TU Dresden) offers Bioimage analysis lectures on youtube:

16 April 2020

20-23 April - Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics: virtual web conference by OSA, free registration

14 April 2020

German BioImaging lists online courses in Microscopy and Image Analysis.

14 April 2020

Aurox Conference on Microscopy 2020 - ALL SESSION VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE:

07 April 2020

Imaris Homeschool Webinar Series starting on 16 April.

06 April 2020

Aurox Online conference in Microscopy 7-8 April: Topics: Raman Microscopy, single cell Raman sorting, holotomography, Cryo-vitrification, cryo-correlative imaging, CryoSIM, super-resolution cryo-CLEM, super-resolution (STED, SMLM, SIM), live cell imaging, KEynote by Tony Wilson, Image analysis, adaptive optics, expansion microscopy.

03 April 2020

Dear all,

in order to support our customers to stay at home we at NIKON provide a personalized NIS-elements AR license for free.

The free license code allows you to use the NIS-Elements AR package until June 30, 2020.

With this package you still will be able to analyze, display and publish your data in a proper way at home.

For further information please contact your local sales rep or write an e-mail to .

Best regards and stay healthy,

Martin Kiesel

02 April 2020

Imaris Webinar by Michael Mahlert (Bitplane) on Wednesday 8.4. 10:00-11:30. Please check additional information including registration information on or in the online courses & events calendar of BioIT

01 April 2020

Zeiss offers free 90-day license for ZEN to support home office during SARS-CoV2 period.

31 March 2020

Leica offers free 90-day license for LAS X to support home office during SARS-CoV2 period.

23 March 2020

For image deconvolution, SVI Huygens is available also from home via the ALMF VMs (VPN login required). If you want (or need) to process your data on your computer at home, please consider the offer from SVI to get a free trail license to install Huygens on your computer at home. Please visit: 
or work
for more information. 

If you have questions regarding the use of Huygens on the VMs or in general, please contact Marko directly (

23 March 2020

If you need to use Imaris at home, you have the option to use one of the ALMF gold VMs(1,2+ZEN). Alternatively we can also create temporary satellite licenses for you (EMBL user only) to be used on your computer. If you want to get a satellite license, please send an email to asking for such a license.

18 March 2020

EMBL Heidelberg is shutdown since 17:00 CET 18 March 2020. ALMF stuff will support users as good as possible from home office during this time. Please contact us via and we will find out how to support you best, e.g. via video conferencing.

We will also organize and announce online teaching and learning events in this new section, the ALMF channel of and add these events in the Online Courses, Activities & Events calendar by BioIT. We suggest to check the BioIT list of online learning resources as well.

20 January 2020 A new EMBL 3D cloud resource called ALMF VM Linux1 is now available for Linux-based 3D image data processing and analysis. Please contact ALMF, if you want to use it.
13 January 2020

Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer Holotomography microscope is now available in the ALMF. It can be used to acquire label-free 3D stacks of structures with different refractive indices. It is also equipped with a 3-channel fluorescence module.

28 October 2019

Carl Zeiss installed the new  Zeiss Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM in the ALMF.

7 October 2019

The ALMF and Nikon invite for demonstration of the Nikon A1R HD25 confocal microscope. On Thursday the 17th of October we provide interested users the whole day the chance to try out this new microscope. The kick-off will be at 10 am with a talk by Nikon in room 13-518, afterwards there will be individual user sessions. Please contact Lucas Schuetz ( to book your session between 11am and 1pm or 2pm and 5pm. Dr. Simone Lepper and Dr. Klaus Nettesheim from Nikon will run the sessions and be available the whole day for questions. The sessions will be 1-2h depending on the number of users. 

The Nikon A1R HD25 is from now on accessible in the ALMF and will stay in the ALMF until July 2020.

15 April 2019 8 May 2019, 3 pm, room 13-518: talk by Paul Monnier, Cytosurge: "FluidFM: A single cell nanobiotechnology for injection, extraction andcell isolation".
5 March 2019

The Abberior expert line STED/RESOLFT system has been upgraded with a DyMIN STED and 3D RESOLFT option. DyMIN STED increases STED resolution and at the same time reduces photobleaching.

22 February 2019

The PRIMO bioengineering platform from Alveole will be demonstrated in the ALMF from 4 March until 12 April. On 5 March 10:00 there will be a presentation by Mehmet Deniz Akyuz on PRIMO: Bioengineering microenvironments for cell biology.

18 February 2019

Nanolive Holotomography microscope will be demonstrated in the ALMF from 25-28 February. On 25 February in room 13-518 at 2 pm there will be a presentation by Marlies Mürnseer on Applications of long term live cell imaging with digital holotomographic micrsoscopy.

28 January 2019

A new EMBL 3D cloud resource called ALMF VM ZEN is now available for offline processing of Zeiss LSM 880 AIRY scan data. Please contact ALMF, if you want to use it.

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