16 October 2015

Seminar 11:00, room 518: High speed photon counting with KETEK SiPMs:Technology, state of the art and possible applications in microscopy, bioimaging and life science.

6 October 2015

Imaris version 8.1.2 available.

5 October 2015

Acquifer Imaging machine (HTM microscope) and Hive (data analysis and storage server) available.

01 - 02 October 2015

Demonstration of Tissuegnostics TissueFAXS and software.

28 Sept. - 02 Oct. 2015

Demonstration of Nikon Ti-E with PFS and dual cam adapter.

20 September 2015

Leica SP8 DLS (lightsheet) available in the ALMF.

10 August 2015

Abberior RESOLFT - STED system has been installed.

10 June 2015

Sutter needle puller has been moved to room 13-514C.

20 May 2015

Leica SP8 DLS lightsheet available for testing (SPIM).

28 April 2015

On 5 - 6 May ALMF and Arivis offer a workshop (EMBL internal) for beginner and advanced users with the possibility to work on your own data sets. Please register with ALMF.

27 April 2015

The Leica SP8 STED 3X has been upgraded and offers now 3 depletion lines (592 nm, 660 nm and 775 nm).

21 March 2015

GE Incell Analyzer 2200 available for testing in the ALMF from 14.04.2015 until 28.04.2015

7 January 2015

ALMF basics courses 2015:

Basics in Light Microscopy 2 - 5 Febuary 2015

Basics in Optical Sectioning Microscopy 23 -26 February 2015

Image Analysis and Visualization Workshop 23 - 27 March 2015

Basics in Fluorescence Perturbation Techniques: FRAP, photoconversion 13 - 16 April 2015


15 October 2014

Workshop on SVI Huygens Titan, a software to index, find and display 2D-5D microscopic data.

30 October 2014, room 13-518

9:30 - 11:00 Remko Dijkstra and Gitta Hamel:  Huygens Titan

15 July 2014

Imaris version 7.7.2 available.

10 July 2014

Bruker Workshop on AFM and multipoint confocal imaging

July 15 2014, Small Operon

10:30 - 11:15 Robert Stad: Opterra-The New Way of Multipoint Confocal Imaging

11:15 - 12:00 Alexander Dulebo: Mapping receptor over living cell by Atomic Force Microscopy (PeakForce Tapping)

Testperiod Bruker Opterra (multipoint confocal) July 17-31.

July 16+17 practical workshops with your samples supported by the Bruker bio AFM Applications scientist.

Please contact almf@embl.de if you want to participate or have any questions.

26 June 2014 Cytomate (cell culture assistant) demo:

July 2, 14:00, room 6.51a, Joffry Maltha (Cytomate Technologies BV):
How to monitor cell cultures on your smartphone. Meet the world’s easiest live imaging system

July 2, 15:00, room 13-516A: begin of the system demos.

Joffry Maltha will be also here on July 3 to answer your questions and discuss your experiments. The system will stay at EMBL for 1-2 weeks depending on the demand.

Please contact almf@embl.de if you want to participate or have any questions.

20 June 2014

Bruker Opterra workshop

July 15, 11:00, small operon, Robert Stad: Introducing the Bruker opterra

Introductions for interested users July 15-16

Testperiod July 17-31.

30 May 2014 Abberior instruments road show introducing a STED microscope on 3rd July at EMBL Heidelberg.
25 March 2014 First Leica - GerBI course for bio-imaging core facility staff,
6 May 2014, Leica Mannheim, Germany
registration   course schedule
18 March 2014 Imaris version 7.7.0 available.
14 March 2014 An Andor Revolution W1 spinning disk with IR port (to image NIR fluorescent proteins) will be available for test in the ALMF between 24 March and 4 April.
11 March 2014 Workshop on 3D Raman Imaging by WITec.


20 December 2013

ALMF basics courses 2014:

Basics in Light Microscopy 13 - 16 January 2014

Basics in Optical Sectioning Microscopy 3 -6 February 2014

Image Analysis and Visualization Workshop 24 - 28 February 2014

Basics in Super-resolution Microscopy 7 - 11 April 2014

12 November 2013 Needle Puller and Eppendorf microinjection have been relocated to room 13-515C.
23 October 2013 Arivis workshop: 3D/4D- Visualization and Analysis Software for Gigabyte-sized Images.
The Arivis browser will be available to test for at least a month.
17 October 2013 The Leica GSDIM has been upgraded to 3D GSDIM and is now able to localize in X,Y (~20 nm localization precision) and Z (up to 50nm localization precision).
17 July 2013 New Imaris version 7.6.4 available.
17 June 2013

Andor Revolution CSU W1 demo in the ALMF. The Andor Revolution CSU W1 stays at EMBL from July 1 till July 18.

July 1 in room 13-518
11:15 Paolo Barzaghi (Andor Technology):
"Andor Revolution WD dual disk spinning disk: See more, See deeper".

System intros are July 1 and 2.

5 June 2013

GE and ALMF organize an EMBL internal workshop on the OMX blaze microscope on 20 June.

12 April 2013 A Leica gated STED super-resolution microscope has been installed in the ALMF.
10 April 2013 The Olympus TIRF system has been upgraded with the new Olympus IX-83 microscope stand and the new Olympus/Pecon incubator.
26 March 2013

Zeiss and ALMF offer a workshop on the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 (commercial SPIM system) on 18 April:

10:00 room 13-518: Presentation of the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1
Dr. Sven Poppelreuther (Zeiss)
11:00 room 13-516A: General introduction of the Lightsheet Z.1,
13:00 room 13-516A: Hands-on with your own samples

The system will stay at EMBL for tests until May 1st. Please read the sample preparation guideline, if you want to try it with your own samples.

Please contact almf, if you would like to participate in the workshop and test the system or have any other questions.

25 February 2013 The Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) has been updated to version 3.0 (using Huygens core 4.3). It now offers an optimzed workflow and more features.
List of changes, user manual (to follow soon)


Date News
20 December 2012 ALMF offers basics in microscopy courses (EMBL internal) beginning of 2013.

The second basics course will be followed by an Imaris workshop (22.02.2013) and a Volocity workshop (25.2.2013). You can register for these workshops independently of the basics courses.

10 December 2012 New  Imaris version 7.6.1 available.
12 October 2012 New  Imaris version 7.6.0 available.
10 September 2012 On 25 + 26 September the ALMF hosts a workshop on Raman spectroscopy for living cells: BioRam - "Photonic fingerprinting".
27 August 2012 New  Imaris version 7.5.2 available.
24 August 2012 HRM server (deconvolution) upgraded, now running with 96 GB RAM and able to read Leica lif-files containing multiple image series.
10 July 2012 New  Imaris version 7.5.1 available.
30 June 2012 EMBL internal workshop on superresolution with Ground State Depletion Imaging Microscopy (GSDIM).

10 July 2012
9:30 -10:30 room 13-518, Wernher Fouquet (Leica Microsystems):
Theory and basics of Ground State Depletion Microscopy

10:30 – 13:00 Anna Szymborska (Ellenberg group), Hands-on:
Sample preparation for GSD microscopy (1 color, theory for 2 colors)

14:00 – 16:00 hands-on GSD microscopy group 1 / hands-on data analysis and drift correction group 2

16:00 – 18:00 hands-on GSD microscopy group 2 / hands-on data analysis and drift correction group 1

The lecture will be open for everybody interested.

Please register for the hands-on by email to almf at embl.de until Wednesday 4th July 18:00.

12 June 2012 EMBL internal Workshop on Second Harmonics Generation (SHG) Microscopy on 26 June. 10:00 Lecture "Introduction to Second Harmonics Generation Imaging", room 518, Yilmaz Niyaz, Carl Zeiss.

Please register by email to almf at embl.de , if you want to attend the hands-on.

28 April 2012 Volocity workshop on 21 - 22 of June 2012. Please contact almf(at)embl.de to register.
27 March 2012 Amira is now available on Workstation 1.
28 February 2012 New Imaris version 7.4.2 available.
20 February 2012 Workstation 1 has been replaced by a high-end computer.
1 February 2012 The PerkinElmer Ultraview RS will be discontinued by ALMF end of February 2012.
12 January 2012 The Leica SR GSD super resolution system will return to ALMF after upgrade to commercial product beginning of January 2012.


Date News
22 December 2011

The Zeiss LSM 510 FCS will be finally discontinued end of 2011.

22 December 2011 The Leica SR GSD super resolution system will return to ALMF after upgrade to commercial product beginning of January 2012.
21 December 2011 New  Imaris version 7.4.0 available.
9 December 2011 Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) updated to version 2.1
16 November 2011 Deadline extended: FREE access to advanced biological and biomedical imaging facilities across Europe during the Euro-BioImaging proof-of-concept studies.
20 October 2011 Volocity workshop on 2nd and 3rd of November. Please contact almf(at)embl.de to register.
1 October 2011 Leica SR GSD system available in the ALMF. This system uses ground state depletion for localization-based super-resolution.
29 September 2011 Yokogawa CV1000 spinning disk system (2 different pinhole sizes) will by available for testing from 17 - 28 October (in collaboration with Visitron).
21 September 2011 Olympus LV200 Bioluminescence microsope available in the ALMF.
15 September 2011 The Zeiss Spinning disk demo system will be disassembled on 26 September 2011.
11 September 2011 New  Imaris version 7.3.1 available.
5 September 2011 The software of the PerkinElmer Ultraview ERS system has been upgraded to a Volocity.
6 July 2011 New Imaris license server adress: 2700@
1 July 2011 Carl Zeiss LSM 780 NLO with GaAsP NDD detectors now available.
10 June 2011 Direct link to the Euro-BioImaging survey open until 15 July 2011.
25 May 2011 We are planning to discontinue the Zeiss LSM 510 FCS soon. Please inform us, if you need to finish experiments or an introduction for other systems.
3 May 2011 Imaris 7.2.3 available.
30 April 2011 Huygens remote manager (HRM) deconvolution available in version 2.0 now.
21 March 2011 Zeiss Spinning disk system available for test (~ next 3 months)


Date News
26 November 2010

New license path for Imaris due to license server relocation: 2700@

15 November 2010 All ALMF systems have been succesfully relocated into building 13.
Overview of floor 5 in building 13
19 August 2010 We moved the image analysis workstations and the ALMF office to building 13 room 501 and 502.
26 July 2010 We start moving the ALMF microscopes one by one into our new rooms. We will inform users for each microscope separately in time before relocating the system.