Bitplane Imaris floating licences

3 Imaris floating licenses are available for EMBL scientists. These licenses are managed by a floating license server which enables flexible use not only on the ALMF image processing workstations in room 13-501. There is one license of the Imaris Batch Coordinator available on Workstation 2 in room 13-501.

How to use it

  • Some introductory videos by Bitplane are available at the training archive. Contact ALMF for an introduction and for access to the Bitplane webinars.
  • The IP address has to begin with .
  • Install Imaris  (64bit Windows, MAC OS X).
  • When asked to specify the license path, type in: Servername  port 2700

Note: Please close Imaris when you finished working with it to free the license to enable others to use it!

If there is no license available, please check the license usage (pdf only internal available).

Please contact ALMF if you want to get an introduction to Imaris.