Custom software, plugins and macros written by ALMF staff

Image analysis and visualisation

  • FiJi (based on ImageJ) - Open source image analysis software with large user and developer community.
  • Cellprofiler - Open source image analysis for large datasets (high-throughput)
  • Cellcognition - Open source software to analyze time-lapse data on a large scale (high-throughput). The software uses supervised learning for classifying different morphological classes.
  • Imaris (Bitplane / Andor): Commercial 4D analysis and visualization tool. We offer several floating licenses.
  • Volocity (PerkinElmer): Commercial 4D analysis and visualization tool.
  • VisBio - visualization and analysis of multidimensional image data
  • BioImageXD - free open source software for analysis, processing and 3D rendering of multi dimensional microscopy images  

FRAP analysis

Conversion and viewing tools