High Throughput Screening (HTS) allows a researcher to quickly conduct thousands of tests against a biological target through the use of automation (robotics, liquid handling devices, sensitive detectors), data processing and control software. Through this process one can rapidly identify active compounds (hits) which undergo further medical chemistry optimization to make them more suitable for development as drugs. A large number of projects at the core facility employ HTS as a part of project workflow.


Our expertise

  • Assay development
    • Selection of an appropriate assay readout
    • Assessing the compatibility of the target assay with automation and  high-throughput screening
    • Developing and optimising assays for high-throughput screening
    • Assisting in the design of secondary selectivity assays
  • Execution of HTS campaigns for biochemical, cell-based and protein-protein assays
  • Follow up of hits with reporting of EC50/IC50 and solubility data
  • Assay consultancy services (selection of assay technology, design, optimisation)
  • Cell culture for cell-based assay targets
  • Affinity studies for large protein and small molecules through Biacore surface plasmon resonance