Tokuyasu cryosections: here a ribbon of cryosections attached to the diamond knife. An eyelash mounted on a wooden stick is used to move the cryosections.


We have 3 units of cryo-ultramicrotomes, all suitable for Tokuyasu cryosectioning. The oldest machine (UCT ultracut) (cryo-2) has been completely revised in Vienna in September 2007. We also have two UC6 state-of-the-art machines. For Tokuyasu cryosectioning, the frozen cell pellet is trimmed to a geometrical shape using a diamond trimming knife (working temperature ~-90°C). Once trimmed cryosections are made using a cryo diamond knife (working temperature -110°C to -120°C).

One (cryo-3) is mostly devoted to Tokuyasu cryosectioning and is placed next to the UCT machine in the cutting room (325). The other UC6 (cryo-1) is boxed and should be mostly reserved and used by people expert in doing frozen hydrated sections, i.e. cryosections made directly from vitrified specimen with no sucrose infiltration. The box has a controlled atmosphere with 30% humidity and 22ºC ambiant temperature.

Frozen hydrated sections are cut around -140ºC while Tokuyasu cryosections are cut between -110ºC and -120ºC.

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