This device performs cell cryofixation (vitrification of cell pellets, tissue etc.) under a high pressure of ~2050 bar at the same time as a nitrogen jet is cooling the sample. The cell pellet is loaded into a small copper carrier which is 1,5 mm for inner diameter and 100 or 200 µm in depth. The live cell carriers can accept sapphire disks (coverslips) which are 1.4 mm in diametre to be used for correlative microscopy purposes.

The rapid loader is a transfert holder on which the carrier is fixed, actually squeezed inbetween the two branches of the fork seen on the picture (see carriers with rapid loader tip). After freezing the samples are moved into an AFS device (AFS-1 or AFS-2) in order to proceed them for freeze substitution and plastic embedding (see AFS devices' pictures).

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