The Proteomics Core Facility provides a full proteomics infrastructure for the identification and characterisation of proteins.

Infrastructure in the Proteomics Core Facility is centered around state-of-the-art mass spectrometry for MS and LC-MSMS experiments. This is complemented by chromatographic and electrophoretic systems for protein and peptide separation.

Services provided


  • Protein identification from gel or in-solution
  • High resolution and high mass-accuracy MS, MS/MS, and LC-MS/MS (Thermo Orbitrap Velos Pro, Q-Exactive plus, Fusion Lumos) for identification and quantification of proteins in complex mixtures
  • Protein quantification by stable-isotope labeling (SILAC, TMT and dimethyl labelling)
  • Identification of post-translational modifications on purified proteins
  • Multi-dimensional peptide separation (liquid chromatography)

Analysis of intact proteins:

  • Molecular weight determination of intact proteins by ESI mass spectrometry
  • Determination of N- and C-termini of proteins and products of limited proteolysis
  • Verification of incorporation of non-natural amino acids

Price list for internal and external users