EMBL Drawing Competition Winners

We received twelve wonderfully creative submissions for the #EMBLKids drawing competition. Based on jury votes, we present to you the three winning artists: Julia, Maximos, and Esha! Winners will receive bookstore gift certificates.

Shared 1st Place: Julia and Maximos

7-year-old Julia's drawing is titled "The dolphin hands out the books to the children or the people who need them."


6-year-old Maximos says, “Leo, the little dolphin, spends his time in the library reading books the whole day! He wants to become smarter in order to make a plan to save himself and the other sea creatures from fishermen.”


2nd Place: Esha

This beautiful picture of Leo the Dolphin in the EMBL library was drawn by 10-year-old Esha.


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Join us on an adventure through the Szilárd Library of EMBL

We are hosting a drawing competition for all #EMBLKids from 6 to 19 April 2020! The theme is 'Leo the Dolphin in the library'. Leo the Dolphin is in the Szilárd Library's logo, and was first inspired by Leo Szilárd's short story collection, 'The Voice of the Dolphins'. We will publish the pictures alongside the first name and age of the creators on the EMBL Szilárd Library website and social media accounts. In addition, the artists of the three best pictures will receive a prize. See here for entry guidelines.

Pictures of Leo the Dolphin:

Together with his mother, 1.5-year-old Karl created Leo the Dolphin with glue and pencil shavings.


11-year-old Bastien sends this picture of Leo the dolphin in the library, a lighthouse in an ocean of books and journals.


The blue dolphin Leo above the blue sea was painted by 6-year-old Lucien.


Another picture of Dolphin Leo reached us from 3.5-year-old Fia.

03_Fia 3.5 years (002)

This colourful version of Dolphin Leo with hearts was sent to us by almost-six-year-old Mea.

05_Mea almost 6 years

What's Leo doing in the library? 7-year-old Sophie has a clear answer to that question: "He is bored and goes for a swim."


4-year-old Matteo sends us this wonderful picture of Leo the Dolphin.


This literate dolphin is the result of a collaboration between the 2-year-old Nassos and his mother. It is the outcome of their discussion about why there are dolphins in EMBL library.


5-year-old Katarina says that "books don’t belong in the sea" and since everyone knows that dolphins live in the sea, there are no books and no library in her picture. We think that's a very wise consideration.