How to borrow an item from the Library

  • Locate the book either on the shelf or online using the Library Catalogue. In the catalogue, you can see the spine label information which tells you the section of the Library where you can find the book. Eg. T7.8 Doe means first look in section T7.8 and then alphabetically under Doe.
  • Check out the book using the self-checkout computer at the Library entrance.
  • On the checkout screen, in the “Borrower” box, identify yourself by using your personnel number, or by typing in your name (first and last name), then click on the small verification symbol ≥ to the right of the box “Borrower”.
  • You should then see the confirmation of your name, personnel no. and borrowing rights (on the right side of the screen).
  • Then, in the “Items” box, identify the item you wish to borrow, by typing in the book access number which is found on the dolphin sticker inside the front cover  (e.g., A655; F701; 8966).
  • Only put in one item per line.
  • Then you MUST click on the symbol ≥ to the right of the “Items” box in order for the title information to appear. Check that this information is correct.
  • Note: You can put all your items into the “Items” box at the same time.
  • Then confirm the information by checking that the screen shows your name and the correct book titles.
  • Then click on the button at the top “Check out”. The screen will automatically clear and a message in blue text along the top of the screen will indicate the number of items which have just been borrowed.


How to reserve an item

  • If a book is reserved, on the catalogue you will see the note 'checked-out' under the 'Holdings' tab on the item record. Right next to the status information you will notice an icon 'reserve me'. Click on it and follow the instructions. You will be notified by e-mail, when the book is available.

Recall procedures

  • If another user has placed a reservation on a book, this book can be recalled by the library after the first loan period of 4 weeks has passed by.
  • The library can recall any renewed book after 1 week.
  • Books overdue can been recalled anytime by the library and have to be returned a.s.a.p.


Locked Reference Shelf Collection

  • The Locked Reference Shelves are mainly populated with copies of titles that are heavily used like reference material, laboratory manuals et al.
  • During library opening hours the titles can be consulted within in the reading room only. Please, contact the librarians in order to take a book out.
  • Titles on the LRS location can be borrowed by users after 4.30 pm on weekdays until 10 am the following morning, or over the weekend from Friday 3.30 pm until Monday morning 10 am respectively.
  • The books can be borrowed over a bank holiday, please, enquire at the librarians’ office.


Further information

  • Return books / items into the book return box just inside the main Library door.
  • Books may be borrowed for 1 month.
  • The loan period can be extended for further 4 weeks.
  • Journals should NOT be removed from the Library!