The Szilárd Library has the following materials:

  • around 11,000 monographic titles, 70 active series,
  • around 250 of the most prominent and relevant scientific journals published are available online,
  • a selection of additional online resources such as e-books, Web of Knowlege and protocols of different publishers.

Special Collections:

  • 500 EMBL theses
  • more than 125 EMBL e-theses online
  • The book collection of the Science and Society Office is available in the Szilárd Library. You can see the list of titles through the Library Web Catalogue under classification A5.
  • The Reference Collection consists of popular, rare or expensive books, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, language studies books and audio material, maps, etc.
  • EMBL publications are also available.
  • There is a small collection of Annual Reports from other German and foreign research institutions.