Please DO

  • sign out items properly
  • return items promptly into the book return box respect other users of the Library
  • respect the silence
  • keep your short- or long-term work area neat and tidy
  • help keep the Library neat and tidy, including the photocopier room


Please DO NOT

  • eat
  • smoke
  • use a mobile phone
  • disturb others who are working in the Library
  • remove journals from the Library (journals may not be borrowed!)


After hours

 If you are an EMBL employee and have used your access card to enter the Library after hours, please be aware of the following points:

  • Turn out the lights if you are the last one to leave.
  • Make sure that windows are closed when you leave (and in case of rain).
  • Make sure the door is properly closed when you leave.

The information on this page is also summarised in our library guide.