The 20th of November is the day when the EMBL Szilard Library was founded in 1979. This year the idea was brought up to celebrate this day as an “EMBL Szilard Library Day”.  For this occasion the library team has prepared for library users a small gift along with a note about the foundation of the library. The note was previously published in EMBL Annual Report 1979 and describes why the library was named after Leo Szilard:  “The idea of creating a European biology laboratory was first conceived by Leo Szilard, the distinguished Hungarian-born physicist who later became an American citizen and a biologist. It was he who first stimulated discussion of the project – a discussion which led to the foundation of EMBO and later of EMBC and of the Laboratory itself. It seemed appropriate that his name should in some way be associated with the Laboratory, and accordingly, at the November meeting of Council, the library was named the Szilard library at an informal ceremony attended by the Delegates of the Member States and others….. “.

Happy anniversary!