What is the DEAL – Wiley agreement?

Is a Read & Publish licensing agreement concluded between the German Consortium, Project DEAL, and the scientific publisher, Wiley. It offers to the participating institutions access to the publisher’s full eJournals (1600 titles in different disciplines) portfolio while supporting and facilitating Open Access publishing.

The current agreement is valid for the period 2019 – 2021 and will be the subject of review before its renewal in 2022.  The DEAL – Wiley agreement is a transformative agreement compliant to Plan S’ principles. 

What does it mean for you?

 The agreement offers to EMBL’s affiliating authors independently of the duty station where they are located a number of advantages:

  • Unfettered access to content (eJournals) published by Wiley.
  • Reduction in the Open Access expenditure for EMBL groups. For the period 2019 – 2021 APCs for papers published in hybrid OA journals will be covered by the EMBL Szilard Library.
  • 20% reduction in APCs for papers submitted in fully/ gold OA journals. The cost of the APCs will be charged to your group/ unit's OA publication budget via internal procedures.
  • Automatic submission of your paper to EuropePMC, thus ensuring full compliance to IP66/ Open Access publication policy.

Eligibility Criteria

Publication type: Only original research peer-reviewed papers and reviews can make use of the agreement.

Affiliation: The submitting corresponding author of the paper needs to be affiliated to EMBL during the period while the substantial part of research supporting the paper in question, took place. The affiliation should be selected during submission process.

Acceptance date:

  • When publishing in Online Open (hybrid journals) the manuscript must be accepted on or after 1 July 2019.
  • When publishing in Gold Open Access the manuscript must be accepted on or after 22 January 2019.


Detailed description for selecting either Open Access routes can be found in Wiley’s pages Online Open and Gold Open Access.

For Online Open be sure to select the option:

My APC will be covered by an institution or funder that has a Wiley Open Access Account arrangement with Wiley.

For any questions regarding the eligibility criteria or procedure please contact the library.


Hybrid journal: A subscription-based journal that additionally offers a Gold Open Access publishing option. Popular hybrid journals published by Wiley include The EMBO journal (EMBO Press), FEBS letters, Angewandte Chemie, Cancer medicine, CHEMBIOCHEM, Proteomics, Journal of applied crystallography (IUCr), Journal of synchrotron radiation (IUCr).

A full list of hybrid journals can be found here

Fully/ Gold Open Access: A journal whose content is made available as Gold Open Access and only induces publication but not subscription costs. Popular Fully/ Gold OA journals include Molecular Systems BiologyEMBO Molecular Biology (EMBO Press).

A full list of fully/ gold journals can be found here.

Submitting corresponding author: The author who represents the authoring team of a manuscript during the submission process, in communication with the publisher and for content-related questions by readers.

Online Open: The Open Access option and workflow made available by Wiley when publishing at a hybrid journal. The option can be selected via the publisher’s  Author Services dashboard.

Gold Open Access: The option and workflow made available only when publishing in fully/ gold Open Access journals.

Institution Code: Wiley has assigned each participating institution to the DEAL agreement with a code to facilitate the identification of submitted papers. During submission process in Fully Open Access journals the submitting corresponding author will be asked to enter the institution code with which (s)he is affiliated.

The code for EMBL is D130.