Have you been involved as a researcher, partner or coordinator in a recently finished FP7 project? Are you currently involved in an FP7 project approaching its end-date?

The European Commission has launched a pilot to fund open access (OA) publications for finalised FP7-funded projects through OpenAIRE. The pilot includes forthcoming peer-reviewed open access publications, given that they fulfill the basic eligibility criteria:

  • The FP7 project should have finished by the time the funding request is submitted, but no longer than two years ago.
  • A maximum of three publications will be funded per eligible FP7 project to ensure a fair distribution of the funding across projects.
  • Manuscripts submitted to hybrid journals are not eligible, only those which have been published/accepted to be published in fully open access journals.
  • Funding requests should be submitted once the manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • The following funding caps apply: €2000 for research articles and €6000 for monographs.
  • No page or colour charges will be funded on top of the open access publishing fees.

EMBL's Szilárd Library will coordinate all funding requests – ask the Library team for more information!