Feel Inspired

“After leaving an EMBO|EMBL symposium I always feel inspired. Discussing break-through science with some of the best in your field, in a collegial and interactive environment is how all meetings should be!”


Event: EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Cellular Heterogeneity
Date: 15 - 17 April 2015
Alexis Webb, The Francis Crick Institute, UK


The Best Meeting

“By far the best meeting I attended during my PhD-period, while the poster session was so interactive and the speakers very inspiring!”


Event: EMBL Conference: The Human Microbiome
Date: 10 - 12 June 2015
Alex Alanine,  Dorien Reijnders, Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Perfectly Organised

“This was a terrific program, perfectly organised, in a beautiful city, allowing for lots of interactions. I hope EMBL organises another conference on this topic in two years!”


Event: EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
Date: 14 – 17 June 2015
Jürgen Götz, Queensland Brain Institute, Australia

Impossible to Top

“Probably the best conference I have ever been to. The organisers have a degree of profesionality and yet a friendly approach that is almost impossible to top. It gave me much food for thought and many wonderful conversations as well. I want to come back.”


Event: EMBO|EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing - Imaging the Processes of Life
Date: 6 – 10 October 2015
Jan Keller, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry Goettingen, Germany

Great Facilities, Great Food

“If you have the chance to attend an EMBL meeting,  you have to take it - great facilities, great food and inspirational science!”


Event: EMBO|EMBL Symposium: New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology
Date: 6 – 10 October 2015
Phil Aldridge, Newcastle University, UK

Feel More Confident

“Thank you to organisers, participants, and of course the teachers. Now I feel much more confident to use the R software and would certainly recommend to everyone who is interested to attend this course. Additionally, I guarantee you will find new friends!”


Event: EMBL Course: Statistical Bioinformatics using R and Bioconductor
Date: 12 – 15 October 2015
Tetyana Zakharkina, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam

Wide Diversity of Participants

“The EBML Non-coding Genome Symposium was extremely insightful. A wide diversity of participants represented provided perfect atmosphere and inspiring exchange in the non-coding RNA field.”


Event: EMBO|EMBL Symposium: The Non-Coding Genome
Date: 18 - 21 Octobber 2015
 Aashiq H. Mirza PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Great Networking Opportunities

Excellent overview of the best research in cancer genomics, with great networking opportunities - this event is highly recommended!

Event: EMBL Conference: Cancer Genomics
Date: 1 - 4 November 2015
Jiri Zavadil, IARC, Lyon, France

Identify Possible Pitfalls

“The course has been very stimulating for me as a young researcher trying to venture into the field of -omics and develop my own project. The thought provoking interactions with not only the experts in the field but also with equally enthusiastic participants helped me to gain a broader insight and identify possible pitfalls. I recommend the course to all exuberant aspirants who want to venture into this field and get a hands on experience and guidance prior to commencing their projects.”


Event: EMBL Course: Next Generation Sequencing: RNA Sequencing Library Preparation
Date: 11 – 13 November 2015
Dr. Sneha Datta International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria

From past event sponsors:


Excellent conferences

“We at PerkinElmer always like to be close to our customers, to feel their pulse, to pick up their ideas and their aims. That´s why we are here at EMBL taking part in these excellent conferences.”

- Jürgen Leuck, PerkinElmer



Superbly organised

“ The conference was superbly organised! This was an ideal opportunity to present the latest developments in our product range to our potential customers.”

- Maarten Balzar, Nikon



Great venue

“The EMBL Advanced Training Centre is a great venue for running scientific events. It’s always equipped with everything we need, enabling us to walk in and start our training. It makes teaching a lot of fun, and the participants certainly profit from it. ”

- Victoria Rusakova, Sigma Aldrich