Dr. Anne Ephrussi, Head of Unit, Head of EICAT and Senior Scientist

Internal Training

Dr. Monika Lachner, Head of Internal Scientific Training and Dean of Graduate Studies

EMBL International PhD Programme (EIPP)

Matija Grgurinovic, Senior Administrative Officer

Carolina Garcia Sabate, Programme Administrator

Postdoctoral Programme

Dr. Brenda Stride, Senior Programme Administrator

Rachel Coulthard, Career Advisor

External Training

Dr. Jürgen Deka, Head of External Scientific Training


Dr. Richard Grandison, Scientific Project Manager E-Learning

External Scientific Courses

Dr. Jacqueline Dreyer, Manager of External Scientific Courses

Dr. Elisabeth Zielonka, Manager of External Scientific Courses (Designate)

Yvonne Yeboah, Training Lab Officer

Visitor Programme

Claudia Martin, Administrator EICAT External Training

Course and Conference Office (CCO)

Geoff Barnett, Head of Course and Conference Office

Josephine Burke, Project Officer

Course and Conference Team

Inna Boesselmann, Course and Conference Officer

Christina Dollt, Course and Conference Officer

Teba Criado Fiuza, Events Assistant

Maria Mercedes Bacadare Goitia, Course and Conference Officer

Maryann Heck, Conference Officer and Deputy Head (Maternity Leave)

George Luca-Ruse, Course and Conference Officer

Ana Karen Lopez Montero, Events Assistant

Tim Nürnberger, Facility and Conference Manager

Gwendoline Sanderson, Interim Deputy Head of the Course and Conference Office

Anna Schmidt, Course & Conference Trainee

Nathalie Sneider, Course and Conference Officer

Lisa Trinh, Course and Conference Officer

Adela Valceanu, Interim Courses Team Lead

Diah Yulianti, Conference Manager

Marketing Team

Dr. Julie Heinecke
, Marketing Team Lead

Lina Kryvoruchko, Marketing Intern

Assol Rustamova, Sponsorship and Exhibitions Officer

Krasimira Todorova, Marketing Manager

Nicola Vegiopoulos, Marketing Manager