MONDAY Welcome by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Monika Lachner
Initial Admission Assessment (IAA) interview - This is a 20 minutes interview, and passing it is the prerequisite to be eligible to join the EMBL International PhD Programme. General knowledge questions will be asked taking the applicant's background into account. Results of this interview will be announced in the late afternoon. Everybody who passes this interview is, in principle, eligible to enter the EMBL International PhD Programme and will be interviewed further by the units.

These two days are filled with one-on-one interviews with group leaders.

Nota bene: No presentation is required on your part, but you should be prepared to discuss your educational background, scientific interests and any research projects you have worked on previously. You will also have the opportunity to attend a series of talks where recruiting group leaders will present a brief overview of his/her group's work.


Reserved for more detailed discussions with group leaders as well as lab members of the labs an applicant is interested in.

During Summer recruitment the results of the interview week will be announced on Thursday. It is not mandatory to stay until thursday.

FRIDAY (only applicable to Spring recruitment)

In the afternoon the results of the interview week are announced and successful candidates have the possibility to talk to their prospective group leaders. All candidates are encouraged to stay until then. However, it is not mandatory to be present on Friday.

General note
All EMBL outstations (as well as the yearly summer recruitment) follow a similar however shorter format as the one set out above. The interview week above describes the spring recruitment week at EMBL Heidelberg. Detailed information will be sent to invited candidates only.

Accommodation and travel
Accommodation will be provided by EMBL, twin rooms (shared room) are reserved at the
ISG Hotel
Im Eichwald 19
69126 Heidelberg - Boxberg
Tel.: +49 6221 - 3861-0
Fax: +49 6221 – 384380

Meals will be provided Monday to Friday at EMBL Heidelberg.

EMBL will reimburse travel expenses (receipts must be provided) as follows:

  • 2nd class train tickets, plus taxi from Heidelberg railway station
  • Most economical air fare, including 2nd class train ticket to your nearest airport, plus transfer from the airport to Heidelberg.