Cell Biology and Biophysics

Ellenberg Group - Systems biology of cell division and nuclear organisation
Hufnagel Group - Dynamics of cell growth and tissue architecture
Pepperkok Team - Membrane traffic and organelle biogenesis
Prevedel Group - Advanced optical techniques for deep tissue microscopy
Ries Group - Superresolution microscopy for structural cell biology

Genome Biology

Huber Group - Multi-omics and statistical computing
Merten Group - Microfluidic approaches in drug discovery and personalised medicine
Steinmetz Group - Systems genetics and precision health
Typas Group - Dissecting bacterial lifestyle and interspecies interactions with systems approaches

EMBL Grenoble

Cipriani Team - Instrumentation team
McCarthy Team - Synchrotron crystallography team

EMBL Hamburg

Lamzin Group - Integrative modelling for structural biology
Schneider Group - Tools for structure determination and analysis