Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 14 - 16 Oct 2013
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This course is aimed at academic, not-for-profit, and industrial researchers who need to perform high-throughput screens (HTS) of small molecule compounds and then analyse the data that these screens generate. Using a combination of lectures, discussions and computer-based practical sessions, you will learn how to use computational tools for the design, refinement and analysis of high-throughput screen data. This course is funded in part by BioMedBridges and EU-OPENSCREEN which are developing resources to assist the exchange of research findings across Europe; linking chemical biology data with other biological data from clinical trials, biobanks and disease phenotypes.

What will I learn?

  • Use open-access resources of public screening data for analysis
  • Search databases of commercially available compounds to build or complement a compound library
  • Use open-access resources to select likely bioactive compounds to perform pre-screen target selection and analysis
  • Select appropriate compound library subsets using a range of virtual screening techniques
  • Understand the principles of quality control in high-throughput screening and the statistical methods used in quality assessment of screening results
  • Analyse data from high-throughput screens
  • Use the results of your data analysis to select preferred hits for confirmatory follow up
  • Design follow-on experiments to confirm activity and initial structure-relationship properties
  • Perform in silico profiling of hits to understand likely additional bioactivity